Realms Of The Unknown Shard Rules

Currently Under Revisions!

These rules are all very simple and easy to follow, but they are also very important.


Please be respectful to Our staff. We have real lives and real life issues outside of RotU. We are working our very hardest to bring you a great Shard that will last for a very long time. If you see something you feel needs a change bring it to our attention in the form of a submitted book and we will do our best to make it a better world for you all.

1) Use common sense. This is a fairly easy concept and isn't hard to follow. If your actions seem stupid, stop them right away. This includes, no pvp*, no cussing, no stealing**, no general rude behavior. *See the Acceptable Language Guidelines* This is a FAMILY SHARD. BE NICE! Don't litter, don't leave pets unattended, don't release pets in town, go to the woods! Do not kill animals in town, like bringing a pet to Brit Bank, releasing it and then killing it. NO!!

Inside the Mature Players bar you may act and speak as you see fit as long as you are not offending other players, Just please try to use good judgement.



There are artifacts to steal in doom and tokuno. You may not steal or practice stealing (snooping)from other players or npc's. To practice stealing, use a pack animal. You may practice stealing from another player if you contact us with a book stating that the player has given you permission to practice stealing from him/her on a certain date. The book is good for only 24 hrs and then you would need to turn in another one. We will check with the player you say gave you permission and if you do not have their permission you will be banned (stealing without permission and lying to staff). Do Not take anything that was not given to you or that you did not work for or buy. If you see money on the ground and you take it, this is conciderd stealing here .

2) Respect all players and staff. We will make sure you are treated with respect so please return the favor. We understand not all players will get along but we only ask that you dont go out of your way to make another players experience a bad one. When talking to any staff member always be polite no matter what the case may be. If you feel you have been mistreated by a staff member please ask to speak in private to them about the matter. Remember we dont get paid for doing this.

3) No inappropriate, offensive, racist or sexual natured names will be allowed. And no chat or chat topics of this nature will be allowed.

Language in public chat is limited to English. This is an English speaking shard and staff are English speaking. Staff have to monitor chat to be sure nothing offensive, harrassing or otherwise inappropriate is being said. We welcome all languages and countries here, and you may speak other languages in guild chat or pm's but public chat is limited to English.

4) We will not tolerate any form of harrasment which includes harrassment based on color, sex, religion, or sexuality. There is no exception for this and anyone caught doing this will be banned.

6) Do not exploit bugs that you may find in game. Always report them to staff or in the forums. If you're caught exploiting a bug you will be jailed, for repeat offenders, your account will be wiped. This includes making and deleting characters for the new player gold or making more than one account per IP. If you have more people in your household and need more than one account on your IP you need to get permission! Write up a book with why you need another account, YOUR acct name as requester, your character name and the acct name and password of the new account that is needed. Page a staff member to pick up this book and it will be reviewed by Admin. DO NOT make additional accounts on your own or all accounts on the ip may be wiped. Other exploits will also not be tolerated, which means making other accounts without permission, macroing crops, having more than one trash4token bag on one character, or having one character having access to more than one trash4token bag (like locking more than one trash4token bag in your house. . .no no!), etc.

7) No spamming. Staff members have hear-all turned on to make sure players follow the rules and if you're filling up our screen with nonsense you take attention away from other players as well as being bothersome to other players. Say it once or twice. That's enough. Official definition of spam is repeating the same message more then one time every 15 minutes in any form of chat that other people may find annoying .

8] NO AFK macroing is allowed in towns or congested areas or where you would block a players gate, home, or vendor. You are more than welcome to do it your home, in a private place or on a boat. In addition, NO AFK  MACROING OF ANY CROP OR RESOURCE IS ALLOWED ON THE SHARD.

9) Only page the staff with real game issues and problems.If you send a page explain in detail what your problem is. If you just page with "come here" or "I need help" your page will be deleted.

10) No talk of other shards of any nature in any chat (public, guild, pm or local) and no soliciting of our players for any other shard. This results in immediate banning!

11) READ! There are rule books in certain places and it is your responsibility to read and know what is in them. Also read signs. Professing ignorance of a rule that is written right in front of your face is not an excuse.

(12) Appealing a decision. If you do not agree with a decision a staff member has made, write your complaint in a book and page a staff member to pick it up and deliver it to the Administration. It will be reviewed by all Admins and a final decision will be made. Your other course of action is to email the Owner at  and explain your point of view, same as you would in the book in-game.

(13)As mentioned before, Only ONE ACCOUNT per ip. If you have a family member or friend that lives with you who would like an account, or if you visit a friend and want to play from their house (and on their IP) you must page a staff member and a admin will set this second account up for you and put a notation in your file. If it is found out that this account is being used for the person who already had a account or if the account was made without admin's approval, both accounts on the ip will be banned.

(14) No sharing acccounts! If you log into someone else's account or they log into yours and either account gets banned this will also get the other account banned. So for your own safety don't do this!

(15) No AFK at all in the Training Room. READ SIGNS AND BOOKS! This means if you are in the training room and you need a drink, leave the training room, get your drink, then return to the training room. NO AFK MEANS NO AKF, NONE, NOT ANY AT ALL. If you must leave the computer screen, LEAVE THE TRAINING ROOM.

(16)Do not leave your animals unattended in the animal training room. This means you CAN NOT go to the people side of the training room and train while your pet is left alone on the animal side of the training room training.

(17)You cannot camp a spawn. You must give up the spawn and take turns if someone comes. This includes quests. If there is more than one person there, line up orderly and take turns. Take one item and if you need another go to the end of the line. If doing a spawn that needs to be killed you can not stay there and kill time after time, or go afk with animals out and kill spawn as it arrives. You must take turns. If you do not take turns or go afk with animals out to kill the spawn you will be booted offline and your animals confiscated (and not returned).

(18) Taming/Pets You can not release animals within city limits. If you dont want to stable the animal and dont want to (or can't) shrink it, take it to the country and set it free. If you set it free in a city you will be asked to retame it and take it to the country and set it free. If you do not release it and just leave it (city or country) you will be charged with pet abandonment.if you leave your pet anywhere in the world and you're not there to care for it a staff member will remove your pet. Staff are not pet babysitters. Please make sure you shrink your pet or get on it before you log out. If you have a pack animal and you leave things in the animal and abandon it, you will lose it all, so TAKE CARE IF YOUR STUFF. If you tame wild animals in the country and want to kill them afterwards you may, however, domesticated animals (horses, cats, dogs, cows) will give you negative Karma if you kill them.

(19) Players may NOT ask other players to contribute real money for any project, whether in game or personal, and we STRONGLY recommend that players NEVER give real money to any individual in game who asks for it. We had a scammer do this one time and there is NOTHING we can do to reimburse you if you give real money to another player.

(20) Rules change sometimes, so please make sure you check the forums often to see if anything has been added or changed. It is your responsibilty to stay updated with the rules.

(and last) Have fun! This rule is also very important, as long as your fun doesn't break the rules or hurt other players. Enjoy yourself! We look forward to adding you to our UO family.